Thursday, April 3, 2008


Beneath a pink sunset
diaphanous hands
busy in quiet industry.

She kneels in the soil
surrounded by the blazing pride
of chrysanthemums and marigolds
outside her tiny unit

Above, the white butterflies
float in the autumn air
their time fast fading.

How perfect this effort!
This triumph of expression
in the face of death and all odds.

This is the essence
that makes humanity grow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Iraq 4000

netcentric warfighter
static-charged demands
answered by stillness
and a thousand buzzing flies.

A bucketload of boy's dreams
drying black in the sand.

And back in the 'burbs
a woman's soul ripped
by two sober men in uniform.

The enthusiasts thought
they could automate war
distill it down to remote control
with shock and awe.

A kaleidescope of raw emotions:
Ali Rashid's kalashnikov
proved them wrong.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Dawn Cycle

The eternity of sepulchral night
dissolves in a bruised wash
silhouetting eastern eaves.

Unconscious the houses stand
mausoleums of domesticity.

Slowly, without ceremony
the sky changes values
cepholopodal ink billows
into a line of Rose,
touches lowering clouds
and comes a band of gold.

Feathered heralds proclaim
then slip away
to find the damned worm.

Magnificence fades to pale grey.
The world turns beneath its covers
and like a grumpy Lazarus mutters
"oh what now?".

The miraculous transformation
of another day.

Like it or not.