Sunday, July 15, 2012

Winter 12

The big steel curtain of winter is shut
Rail all you like, the way is closed.
Trees bend to the rain, dripping idly.
The birds spectators to an incident.
Your stubborn reasons
Carry no more weight
Than their cheeping.
Your over-weight self-worth
Your problem.
Your getting over it,
Their entertainment.

Friday, May 11, 2012

SuperMoon in Cancer

"You seem strangely familiar"
We echoed.
Your eyes mostly. Interesting.
Not romance.
Just mystery.
What is it that makes
Us linger over another?

The shadow of
lunar coincidence?
As if when
The moon is brighter,
and tides stronger
Human memory might
running backwards,
Seeking something in the soft sands
Of sub-consciousness.

God knows!
I'm sure I don't.
Digging like a crab
In the night beach
All I am certain of
Is there are no reasons.

The boundaries of rationality.
pedestrian lines of identity
And daily life.
Where strangers
remain strangers.
This defines
And reassure us.
Our worlds.
Our possibilities.

Only sometimes,
When fates entangle, and
the moon casts shadows
may souls emerge
To tiptoe crabwise
On a beach of dreams.
Seeking something
They do not know.

This is a not a love poem
But a memorandum.
Of a mystery.
Of being