Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dad's old work

Dad's old work.

The screens are dead now.
The hard drives gone.
The stained carpet taped.
The full bins' rolling
to the lifts.

There was no fight when
Steve's old "castle" fell,
The mover's careful
Allen keys just took it down.
Cheryl's monthly chart
her life and joy, was tossed,
and rolled out in a bin.

Nobody wanted the coffee machine
the chairs, the staplers, desks or copier.
Nobody kept the strategic plan.

And the place where Jo broke down;
and Dave and Warren fought;
Where Kim had her miscarriage;
and Cheryl stood and said
"anyone without her passion
for this company can leave",
is just an echoing floor
scattered with old furniture.

And all the laughter, tears and anger
the jealousies and resentments shared
the furtive lusts unspoken,
all soaked up by those walls,
will be painted over
for the next tenant.

To do it all again.